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Individual Dental Plans for You and Your Family

Our Individual Plans Offer You More. For Less.

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You’ll get great dental benefits at affordable rates. even if you’re not part of a group.
Delta Dental’s individual plans are the smart—and healthy—choice for you and your family.

Three Reasons You Need Dental Coverage:
  1. It encourages you to see the dentist regularly. A healthy mouth contributes to good overall health. And good oral health includes regular dental visits.
  2. It keeps your smile healthier. Routine checkups and cleanings help keep small dental problems from growing into more expensive, painful ones.
  3. It keeps the rest of you healthier, too. Your dentist can detect signs of up to 120 non-dental diseases during your exam. Dental coverage helps you get the care you need to stay healthier—and keep overall health care costs down, too.
Why Delta Dental Is Your Best Choice for Dental Coverage:
Delta Dental helped pioneer dental benefits and we’re still at the forefront. When you choose Delta Dental, you get:
  • High-value plans with competitive rates. Programs are designed to keep you healthy—and minimize out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Large dental networks. Four out of five dentists nationwide participate with Delta Dental, so it’s easy to find a dentist near you.
  • Flexibility. We offer several plan choices to meet your family’s health needs and budget.

Get a quote for your Delta Dental Individual and Family Dental Plan today!


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